Custom Creations

Rustic Décor, Home Furnishings

​​Repurposed anything

​- Skis, Sleds and poles Stationary ski lift!  Authentic winter toys matured and ready for that cocktail by the fire. 
- Truck beds Think of a pantry door in your kitchen …

- Steamer trunks

Restored Antiques - Hoosier cabinets (buffet), Steamer trunks (coffee tables), dressers, desks – everything is salvageable!

Bar Tops - Indoor or outdoor designs available.  Matched to fit any space and décor.  

Custom Cabinetry-  light or dark, big or small, shelves or corner units. 

Custom Projects

Bed Frames - natural materials, solid wood, designed to your style and sized to your space. King, Queen, decking, head and footboards –all up to you! 

Taxidermy - Respectful reconditioning for the love of outdoors. 

Custom Tables - Tables designed around unique and meaningful items incorporating unusual material combinations, eg fossil inlay, antique yoke tressle, natural shed antlers, bluestone, etc. – the possibilities are endless! 

We take pride in each adaptation of nature's creations.  All of our pieces are handcrafted in the Hudson Valley (NY) and creation-times vary.  We rely on nature's availability and supply when estimating cost and delivery of your Custom Creations order. 

If you are moved by a piece on any of our Portfolio pages, we can recreate the design and apply any variations you desire.  If you have a vision - saw something in a magazine, on a hike or even in a dream - we would love to help bring your vision to life. 

Your choice of materials PLUS your design are what make our products Custom Creations!

Bird Feeders - A sculpture for you, free meals for them! 

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