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Portfolio Categories

Some items are in multiple categories

Gift Ideas

Wine racks, Wine Corks, Picture Frames,

Cutting Boards, Lazy Susan, Candles & Holders, 
Pallet Dog Beds, Duck Decoys, Walking Sticks

Indoor Furnishings

Tables, Lamps, Mirrors, Coat Racks , Wreaths,

Wine Holders / Wine Racks, Cutting Boards, Lazy Susan, Candles & Holders, Pallet Dog Beds, Duck Decoys

Show Setup

Indoor Space

Outdoor Space


Custom Creations

Custom Projects

Bar Tops, Bed Frames, Bird Feeders,

Custom Tables, Custom Cabinetry,

Restored Antiques, Taxidermy, Repurposed Anything

Outdoor Furniture and Ideas

Adirondack Chairs, Cedar Tables,

Red Cedar Bench, White Birch Bench 
Walking Sticks

Rustic Décor, Home Furnishings